Coexist in a small space with your cat ... Cat. For every action you take, they take another, maybe. Maybe they'll stare at you, maybe they'll demand food. Maybe if you're lucky, you can pet the cat.

roommate makes use of simple commands that make up everyday tasks. 'make coffee', 'clean up', 'have nap' are examples of the types of actions that work with the game in its current form. At the moment commands are a tad limited, but I am planning to expand the idea into something bigger down the track.

roommate is a proof of concept made in a day to be submitted to LowRezJam 2019The Text-Based Adventure Game Jam, and The Emotions and Feelings Jam. LowRez's 'text only' bonus theme, and the Text-Based Jam seemed like a perfect fit, while I wanted to create a sense of 'Togetherness' using the almost-silent company of a pet cat. 

The font Teeny Tiny Pixls is by Chequered Ink Ltd.

I hope you enjoy!


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Just wanted to say I really like this idea! It did score 2nd in overall game quality in my game jam, so you should know it is worth pursuing! 


Thanks for the comment, and for running the jam! I did enjoy working on this project, so it's certainly something I plan to continue building, just ... maybe not in 64x64 resolution. :)